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Scan Coin Sortorex

Image of SortorexSpeed Up Your Coin Processing

Accuracy in action Apart from being a fast worker, the SCAN COIN SORTOREX is renowned for having the highest possible accuracy in counting, sorting and batching. It is also exceptionally accurate for off-sorting counterfeit, foreign and damaged coins.


Like any other coin sorter, the SCAN COIN SORTOREX is equipped with Quickrail® – a fast-change sorting track. It can be changed in next to no time and minimum maintenance is required.

Easy operation

The machine is easily operated from a clear and logical display – designed to perfectly suit the needs of the operator. It has a large coin tray with high capacity. An automatic coin feed and a cover reducing noise and dust are other examples of classic ergonomics

Desktop efficiency

The SCAN COIN SORTOREX has been designed for desktop use. There is no need for space-consuming stands or special furniture. Just place it where it suits you best and from day one the SCAN COIN SORTOREX is a convenient working partner.

Multi-Stop Capacity

The sorter features multi-stop capacity, meaning that several denominations can be packed into bags or tubes in one step, eliminating unnecessary stops for packing after the coins has been sorted. The amount of each batch can be defined and pre-programmed to meet the needs of all users.

The solution could also be equipped with a wide range of Coin lifts for feeding the coins into the sorter in a continuous and efficient way.

Technical specification Sortorex

Width 1,232 mm / 48.5"
  without outlets 468mm/18.4"
  including outlets 512 mm/20.2"
Height 334 mm/13.1"
Weight 76.5 kg/168.6 lbs
Voltage 230 V/50 Hz, 115 V/60 Hz
Power consumption approx. 300 VA
Speed <3,500 coins/min.
Diameter range 16.1-31.0 mm (standard)
Thickness range 1.0-3.2 mm (standard)

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