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Certichex streamlines your payment process and leaves the hassles of conventional check writing in the past. The many features of Certichex32 allow you to increase productivity while maintaining multilevel security. By utilizing a MICR laser printer and our Windows®-based software, you will significantly reduce the time required to process checks while reducing check costs by 5 to 15 cents per check. Printing checks from blank safety paper enhances security and reduces inventory. Changes to company name, address, phone, or bank information are done easily and securely. All this is accomplished without changes to your existing accounting system.

Certex also offers a new lower cost version called Certichex32 Lite. With limited functions, Certichex32 Lite provides multiple security features and enough checkwriting power for small to mid sized business.

Free On-Line software demo's are available.
  • Design and personalize custom checks using company and bank logos
  • Edit and change information easily
  • Print checks drawn on different accounts in the same batch
  • Print unlimited voucher detail information
  • Increased productivity
  • Print bank information, MICR line, protected amount, and signatures in one process
  • Eliminate hand feeding, decollating, signing, and bursting continuous form checks

  • Print checks on readily available standard or customized safety paper
  • Eliminate the need to physically secure blank checks and authorized signatures
  • Access software program with authorized user password
  • Prevent unauthorized usage of software using USB Key and optional magnetic security card
  • Establish dollar amount thresholds on checks
  • Less waste and expense
  • Eliminate the cost of preprinting institution and bank information
  • Waste less paper by printing voucher details on regular laser paper

  • Utilizes Windows®-based software technology and MICR printing
  • Can be configured for most MICR laser printers
  • Supports multi-currency and international check formats
  • Compatible with most accounting programs
  • Ideal for network environments