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For over 30 years,

Southern Financial Systems has been your intelligent choice for coin and currency processing equipment sales and service.

With unsurpassed attention to detail, an expansive product line and proven ethical business practices, your equipment purchasing and continuing service decision is an easy one.

Working Together

We offer only the highest quality financial equipment sales and service, with an eye toward saving our customer's valuable resources, especially the labor of it's associates. Labor costs and security concerns being what they are in today's high tech financial industry, our new products must exceed customer expectations today, and our service must insure they far surpass expectations in the future.

With an average of over 35 years of expertise in the field, our service and sales management teams know what it takes to perform today and for years to come. We can consult on any number of financial processing solutions.

Representing the best manufacturers in the business, we have the equipment to handle your every application and the expertise to consult in any area. With this wealth of experience, we can also consolidate the service for many different brands and types of equipment under one plan.