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SC1100 Counterfeit Detector

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ScanCoin SC1101 and 1102 Counterfeit Detector
ScanCoin SC 1101/1102 Counterfeit Detector

SCAN COIN 1101/1102 Twin Lamp counterfeit detector is a combination of an illuminated table with normal light and an ultraviolet lamp. It is a universal instrument that allows you to take advantage of the possibilities that already exist for checking most banknotes, cheques, ID-cards, pass ports etc. in an effective way. The device is designed for rapid checking.

Today’s colour photocopying machines are so good that even amateurs are capable of producing counterfeit banknotes and cheques. Everything points to an increase in this sort of problem. SC 1101/1102 is the weapon to meet this threat. There are security features that can be detected when checking banknotes,cheques, ID cards, passports etc:

Water marks, security threads and see through registers are best checked by using transparency techniques on an illuminated table. Fluorescent colours are only visible when illuminated with a special type of ultraviolet light.

Banknotes do not fluoresce as bleached paper does. Without the possibility of control, you cannot be completely sure if the document in front of you is a counterfeit. SC 1101/1102 will give you the answer.

Technical specification

  Width   240 mm/9.4"
  Depth   130 mm/5.1"
  Height   111 mm/4.4"
  Weight   0.8 kg/1.7 lbs
  Voltage   120 V, 60 Hz
220 V, 50 Hz
  Power   11 W

If you suspect you have received a counterfeit note, contact your local police department/The Sercret Service. Outside of the United States, please contact the regional U.S. Secret Service field office that serves your country.